Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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In 1924, Alfred Pini, the former LaStampa editor, acquired ownership of The American Citizen and brought the newspaper to Omaha Alfred Pini established a print shop at 1430 So. 16th St. in connection with the Independent Printing Co.,owned by a local Italian pioneer named Bert Caramello. Two year later Pini moved his print shop to St. Louis, but before leaving Omaha he made arrangements for Joseph Glazario, a World War I hero well known in the Omaha Italian colony, to be editor of an Omaha edition of The American Citizen. Joseph Glazario remained editor and manager of the Omaha edition of the newspaper until 1938, paying Pini only the cost of printing. In 1938 Victor Failla, who had been on The American Citizen staff since 1930, took over the management and editorship of the newspaper. He catering to the Italians who had just immigrated from the homeland. The newspaper was printed in the Italian language as most of the newly arrived Italians did not know how to read nor write English yet. Today ninety-five percent of our readers know the English language quite thoroughly.

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  2. Hello I am wonder if you know any additional information on joseph glazario. I believe this is my great grandfather. however I am not sure if his last name is correct. Glarizio is my grandfathers last name. I am able to find information on mike glarizio who wss joseph father but no grave on joseph. I know that the spellings of some last names were misspelled or had different spellings. The joseph I am looking for was m arried to a belgium wonen marie clause also listed in the newspapers marriage column. I am wondering if he is the same man. Thank you

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